150 Things You Didn’t Know About the Chamber


The Chamber secured 42 conventions to meet in Denver in 1904 when the Denver Convention League was formed.


With 44 Chamber and affiliate events offered each year, that’s a lot of handshakes and a lot of new leads for your business.


The Chamber supported the construction of Cherry Creek Boulevard, now Speer Boulevard, in 1903.


In 1924, the Chamber adopted regulation of the cutting of Christmas trees and urged people to buy only Christmas trees cut under the supervision of the Forest Service and showing the Forest Service tag.


The Chamber saved 30,000 trees through its Christmas Tree Committee in 1925.


In 1894 the Chamber facilitated and resolved the conflicts between Populist Gov. Davis Waiter and Denver police commissioners.


$500,000 for road construction – that was how much was raised at a Good Roads Convention that the Chamber organized in 1910.


The Chamber sent a letter enclosed with a bound brochure of Denver pictures to the fighting crew of U.S.S. Denver in 1942. Capt. Robert B. Carney sent back a letter stating, “Your sincere and encouraging letter has been published to the ship’s company. I can only say that all hands will so acquit themselves that the faith of Denver’s people will be justified.”


“Denver – A Mile High and Miles Ahead” was the winning slogan in 1931 after the Rocky Mountain News and the Chamber launched a slogan contest for the city of Denver.


Paving the way in 1912, the Chamber was the first association of its sort to create an office of road commissioners to compile a Colorado road guide and a state highway map.

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