150 Things You Didn’t Know About the Chamber


As a global connector, Chamber affiliate the Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation helped launch international flights to Munich, Mexico, Iceland, Montreal, Liberia and Costa Rica just to name a few. In 2017, there were 19 nonstop international flights from Denver International Airport.


Major W. S. Peabody, agent for the Chamber, along with Henry R. Wolcott and David H. Moffat aided a bill to establish a military post in Denver in 1887. This led to the creation of Colorado’s military post, which is now Fort Logan.


In 2015 the Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation set out to discover why Colorado’s leadership style is different – it’s Colorado’s Civic DNA™: collaboration, inclusivity, leadership, responsibility and shared vision. It’s now working to share those values with future generations of leaders.


The Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation has brought Denver leaders to metro regions in North America for 27 years through Leadership Exchange. The 1996 trip to Boston laid the foundation for the creation of the now nationally renowned Metro Mayors Caucus in 2002.


Travel guide? The Chamber took more than 80 people to China for one of 12 Chamber getaways in 2011-12.


When President Hoover came to Colorado in the summer of 1930, the Chamber bought the President his outfit and presented it to him from Denver businessmen.


The Chamber housed the Artists’ Association in an unoccupied room in the building, in hope of establishing a school of art in 1886. Today, the Chamber continues to be a strong supporter of arts and culture. And it’s big business, too: and in 2016 the economic impact of cultural and scientific organizations in the metro area was $512.8 million.


Float builder – the Chamber provided the float for Babe Didrikson’s “Welcome home” parade when she won the British Women’s Open Golf Championship in 1947.


How did people talk about the Chamber in 1888? “Last year, through this organization the public-spirited citizens of Denver extended $40,000 in promoting the public welfare, and here let me say what I think the best definition of the Denver Chamber of Commerce and Board of Trade is not that it is a place to operate in stocks, bonds, wheat, or pork – it may come to that – but at present it is a general roustabout for the general welfare and like the fire department not always on a raid, but ever ready when you need it.”


The Chamber saves you money at the pharmacy through the Colorado Drug Card – to date Coloradans have saved $75 million.

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