150 Things You Didn’t Know About the Chamber


The Chamber helped bring Major League Baseball to Colorado. Our long-time member, Molson Coors Brewing Company, continues to be the namesake for the Colorado Rockies’ field.


The Chamber raised money to pay for the running expenses of the Museum of Natural History for two months in 1908 to prevent the museum from closing. Now known as the Museum of Nature and Science, its educated and delighted locals and visitors alike for 109 years.


Love Mardi Gras? Denver hosted its own version, the Festival of Mountain and Plain, from 1895 to 1912, and it was organized by the Chamber of Commerce in 1895.


The Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce operates as a nonprofit.


The first public library was housed in the Chamber.


In 1898, when the Mercantile Library became the Denver Public Library and moved out of the first floor of the Chamber, 126,307 books were lent, it was open for 310 days and 124,00 people used their reading room. Talk about a thirst for knowledge!


In 1984, the 16th Street Mall opened due in part to the strong support of the Chamber.


To ensure the University of Denver could operate debt free, the Chamber paid off its debt in 1902.


The Chamber convinced authorities in Washington that Denver was best-suited for veterans recuperating from injuries sustained in service to the country; it raised $150,000 to purchase the land for Fitzsimons Hospital in 1918.


The Chamber transferred the title of Fitzsimons Hospital to the federal government in 1937.

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