150 Things You Didn’t Know About the Chamber


The Chamber is a healthy workplace — from standing desks to a treadmill desk to weekly fresh fruit, in-office massages and team activities like volleyball or the Colfax Marathon relay.


Denver was the first city in the world to have an airport for model airplanes and aviation youth. The Chamber fostered the Denver Model Aviation Club at the First National Power Conference in 1947.


In 1919 the Chamber was the backer of a plan for Congress to provide full vocational training to disabled service men and insisted upon an investigation of a war risk insurance bureau and federal vocational training.


In 2016, the Small Business Development Center helped launch over 49 companies, served 6,000 entrepreneurs and connected small businesses with $24 million in funding.


Denver was the first city in the country in 1926 to inaugurate an intensive cleanup and paint-up campaign, publishing a Cleanup Calendar (published by the Chamber in 1926) to remind citizens monthly to maintain Denver’s reputation for cleanliness and beauty.


In 2007, the Metro Denver Economic Development Center created the Colorado Energy Coalition to bring together representatives from conventional and renewable energy to promote Colorado as the “Balanced Energy Capital of the West.”


The Chamber provided 20 five-pound bags of beet sugar seed to farmers in the Moffat Tunnel country in 1929 as an experiment to test the possibilities of northwestern Colorado as a sugar area. This project began in 1926 when the Chamber made a survey of the tunnel country and reported that it had prospects.


Retail and services was the largest percentage of Chamber membership in 1984 at 21 percent.


Another example of how the Chamber served Denver and its business men in 1930? Colorado marble was selected for the new Federal Building.


Your local Department of motor vehicles – the Chamber took applications to renew driver’s licenses in 1945.

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