150 Things You Didn’t Know About the Chamber


The Chamber helped secure air mail services for Denver in 1931.


Putting money back in your wallet: In 1901, the Chamber investigated the Denver Gas and Electric Company franchise and asked for a reduction in gas and electricity rates, which saved Denver $140,000.


Crime prevention by your local Chamber of Commerce: In 1984, the Chamber launched a crime awareness campaign urging for a “Townwatch” program in which metro area employees were instructed by Chamber volunteers what to do when they spot a potential crime.


The Chamber sent $1,091.65 to the governor of Kansas for flood sufferers in 1903.


In 1999 the Chamber found summer internships for 250 at-risk high school through the Youth at Work Program.


The Chamber continues to focus on educational and career training for youth today through its Denver Opportunity Youth Investment Initiative.


In 1985, the Chamber’s research office answered over 1,500 phone calls, saw over 300 visitors and sent out over 400 pieces of mail on average each month.


More than 5,000 businesses were served by the Chamber’s Small Business Profit Center in its first year in 1987.


In 2007, 20 years since the Denver Metro Small Business Development Center was founded, they had served more than 10,000 clients.


We help you network and connect your business. Last year alone we helped generate $39 million in member-to-member business leads.

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