150 Things You Didn’t Know About the Chamber


In 1931, Chamber staff contributed 4 percent of their salaries over a six-month period to the Citizen’s Employment Committee for toward the relief of unemployment.


The Forward Metro Denver Group, predecessor to Metro Denver EDC, was formed in 1965 in response to the economic crisis in Denver where more than 40,000 jobs were lost because of plant closures and the ripple effect of those layoffs to support industries.


How many jobs did the Forward Metro Denver Group create after five years of its founding? 120,000 – That’s three times the number of jobs that were lost.


Do you know what office buildings and complexes in the metro area are over 10,000 net square feet of rental space? In 1975, the Chamber published the Denver Metro Office Directory to help members find the office space they needed.


To maintain Denver’s reputation in the press in 1892, the Chamber issued resolutions against Jacob Hirsh, who had been seeking revenge in the press against Denver in eastern newspapers after he had been horsewhipped at Elitch Gardens by an actress. The Chamber’s response: “Colorado not on the verge of ruin. Our banks are sound and prosperous.”


Would you “vanpool” to work?  In 1979, the Chamber focused on providing employers with the tools to create workable ridesharing arrangements for employees. Today, the Chamber provides an EcoPass to its employees to encourage alternative transportation.


And we’re live. The Chamber produced a weekly five minute radio program, “Your Chamber of Commerce” on radio station KOA throughout the ‘80s.


In the 1980s, the Chamber was the only organization that went before the Public Utilities Commission urging them to create a long-term electric power plan in order to prevent a future blackout.


In 2013 the Chamber remodeled its building at 1445 Market St. to make it healthier, greener, more collaborative, innovative and to showcase Colorado.


The Chamber saves 43,000 gallons of water annually since the building remodel in 2013.

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