150 Things You Didn’t Know About the Chamber


In 1924, the Chamber budgeted $100,000 for flood relief for the city in 1925.


The Chamber participated in the Buy-It-This-Market Program, asking businessmen to buy in the local wholesale market instead of in markets hundreds or thousands of miles away in 1930.


The Chamber took the position that license plates should be purchased from private business firms and that the state’s first responsibility was to ensure local businesses were making Colorado’s license plates in 1933.


The Chamber waged a war on Mormon crickets who were driving settlers from northwestern Colorado in 1932. $2,000,000 was spent to successfully remove the threat against the economical welfare of this important section of Colorado.


What type of gifts did the Chamber send to Washington notables in 1938? Gift packages of celery. In fact, a large crate was sent to President Franklin D. Roosevelt at Warm Springs, Georgia.


In 1938 the establishment of the Air Corps Technical School was the fulfillment of an almost four-year-long process of the Chamber.


The Chamber sponsored the Emergency Waste Paper Drive in 1944, collecting 270 tons of waste paper from business and industrial firms.


We advocate for business at the local, state and federal level each year.


We love the slopes. The Chamber worked diligently to promote winter sports in Colorado during the 1940s.


Paving the way in 1912, the Chamber was the first association of its sort to create an office of road commissioners to compile a Colorado road guide and a state highway map.

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